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Registry Washer v5.0.2.36 Include Crack
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FREE Download Registry Washer v5 Full Version - Merupakan software utilities yang berfungsi untuk memeriksa, menghapus dan memperbaiki registry windows komputer. Registry Washer secara otomatis akan memeriksa dan menghapus sisa registry yang sudah tidak terpakai dari program yang di uninstall dan memperbaiki segala macam kerusakan / error yang terdapat di dalam registry windows pc anda. Tidak hanya sebatas itu saja loh, selain handal dalam mengurus registry windows, Registry Washer v5.0.2.36 juga mampu mengoptimalkan kinerja komputer, sebagai alat backup registry, sebagai windows startup manager dan sebagai program uninstaller.

Why Registry Washer

What exactly is a Windows registry? For computers with a Microsoft Windows operating system, the Windows registry is the database that stores many of your system's configuration settings and options. Imagine it as a vital part of your computer's brain.

Software programs on your computer rely on important data stored in your Windows registry to perform a variety of tasks. But over time, as you add, remove, and modify the files and settings of these programs, your registry begins to lose its shape. This can leave you with a variety of obsolete, corrupt, and even harmful registry entries. When left unchecked, your system can become increasingly unstable, running slower and crashing more frequently.

That's where Registry Washer an "award-winning" registry repair program comes in and saves the day!

Registry Washer gives you a robust registry scan engine that allows you to safely scan your entire Windows registry for errors and other problems that can interfere with your computer's performance. After identifying the problems that require action, Registry Washer helps you resolve those issues and get your computer back to running efficiently.

But that's not all Registry Washer can do! Registry Washer also includes a variety of other system-maintenance tools to help optimize your computer's performance, including a quick and easy Windows Startup Manager, Registry Monitor, BHO Manager, Full Registry Backup, Full System Backup, and MORE!

Registry Scanner
Before you can fix errors in your Windows registry, you must locate them. Registry Washer's Registry Scanner makes locating invalid entries and errors easy by scanning your entire Windows registry and pinpointing every problem. With a full report right before your eyes, you can take action and safely repair the invalid entries and errors in just a few simple clicks.

Registry Monitor
Most of the applications you have installed on your computer rely on data within your Windows registry to function. With Registry Washer's Registry Monitor, you can see exactly which applications are accessing your Registry, in addition to which keys they are reading and writing to...all in real time! Registry Monitor also keeps a watchful eye over your Windows registry, alerting you of ANY changes made to pre-defined areas. This allows you ensure the safety of your Windows registry and revert any unauthorized changes.

BHO Manager
BHO means 'Browser Helper Object'. These cool browser components were originally designed to help expand the function of Internet Explorer. While legitimate BHOs are very useful, malicious websites have figured out how to use them to spread malware, adware, and spyware to your computer. But not to worry! With Registry Washer's BHO manager, you have full control over every BHO component on your computer. With just a few simple clicks, you can quickly and safely enable or disable any or all of them.

Automatic Backups
Backing up your registry is just as important as backing up other important system data. Registry Washer Automatic Backup feature creates automatic backup to your Windows registry prior to all Windows registry scan and repair operations. Such feature can help you feel confident that if for any reason anything happened after scanning and repairing your Windows registry, you can always revert back your Windows registry to its previous state.

Registry Defragmentation
Over time, your computer can begin to slow down due to the accumulation of data in Windows registry. With Registry Washer's Registry Defragmentation feature, you can improve the performance of your computer by analyzing, rebuilding, and compressing data in your Windows registry, removing the gaps and corrupt keys that drag your system down. With just a few clicks, Registry Washer allows you to enjoy a faster, more efficient system.

Full System Backups
Whether you're installing a new application or game, you never have to worry about how adding the new application will affect your system. Registry Washer's Full System Backup feature makes it easy to back up your entire system from within Registry Washer itself. If the installation of a new program doesn't go as planned, Registry Washer ensures you have the vital restoration point needed to restore your computer back to its previous state.

Registry Locator
Locating registry entries one by one can be a tedious process. With Registry Washer's Registry Locator feature, you just type in your search criteria and Registry Washer will display EVERY occurrence of your search results in one simple table. This super convenient tool allows you to view the location of whatever entry you're looking for quickly, easily, and all at once.

Windows Startup Manager
While having some applications automatically start every time Windows starts can add convenience to your day-to-day operations, some applications can adversely affect your computer's performance and slow down your system. With Registry Washer's Startup Manager, you can easily select which applications you want to start through Windows Startup and which ones you don't. Just click and choose and Registry Washer will take care of the rest!

Whether you have an old computer or a computer straight out of the box, chances are there are software programs on it that you'll never use. With Registry Washer's Uninstaller tool, you can quickly locate and remove unneeded applications, which allows you to free up valuable disk space and improve your computer's overall performance.

Registry Washer Benefits
  • Improve the speed and performance of your computer system by locating and repairing problems within your Windows registry
  • Locate in a flash registry entries using the lightning-fast search Windows registry tool
  • Monitor which applications access your Windows registry in real time.
  • Receive alerts of applications that make changes to your registry so that you can 'undo' any malicious or unauthorized entries
  • Easily control all your Internet Explorer BHO components and stop hidden spyware, adware, and other types of malware from interfering with your system
  • Speed up your Windows registry's performance by analyzing, rebuilding, and compressing its data, thereby removing the gaps and corrupt keys that slow it down
  • Perform a full backup of your entire system prior to installing any software application so that if things don't work out, simply roll your system back to the restore point and it's business as usual!
  • Speed up your Windows Startup time by selecting which applications you want to run at startup, and stop the ones you don't
  • Quickly locate and safely uninstall applications you don't use or need, freeing up valuable disk space and improving your computer's performance

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