Memory Washer 7.1.0 Portable

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Memory Washer 7.1.0 Portable
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Memory Washer 7.1.0 Full Version - Merupakan software yang berguna untuk meningkatkan dan mengoptimalkan kinerja pc dengan cara membersihkan dan melebarkan jumlah ruang kosong pada memory. Software ini mampu meningkatkan efisiensi CPU dan cache motherboard serta meningkatkan jumlah memory bebas sebanyak 95% sehingga pc anda dapat beroperasi layaknya sebuah pc baru. Dengan menggunakan Memory Washer 7.1.0 anda juga dapat dengan mudah keluar dari permasalahan crash Windows yang sering terjadi karena oveload memory.

Is your computer dragging along? Running sluggishly? Do web pages take forever to load or look funny when they do, if they load at all? Do you spend half your time hoping your computer won't crash or freeze, and the other half trying to fix whatever happens when it does? If the answer to these questions is "yes," then you need Memory Washer

Memory Washer can help your computer "feel" brand new, like the day you bought assisting it to recover all of its lost memory and valuable resources. How does it do this? By recovering memory leaks, system cache, monitoring and reporting strange processes consuming your computer's CPU and memory and help you manage all those unnecessary startup items making your machine slower and slower each time your Windows starts!

Memory Washer is a smart memory and process manager tool that scans your system increasing your amount of available memory by up to 95%. Memory Washer prevents Windows crashes by freeing up unused memory, making your computer faster and more dependable. With Memory Washer�s Processes Manager you can pinpoint unstable programs that waste your memory and manage those programs by terminating them or changing their current priority.
Memory Washer�s AutoFree RAM function automatically frees up RAM on your computer. You can choose to set up predefined levels based on time intervals or have Memory Washer automatically attempt to free RAM whenever your memory reaches a crucial level. Memory Washer will automatically speed up games and programs when more RAM is needed than you currently have available
Why waste money on more RAM? Utilize the memory you have and get more for your money with Memory Washer.

Memory Optimization
With Memory Washer you can increase the amount of your available memory by up to 95%. Memory Washer recovers memory leaks from unstable programs, protects your computer from Windows crashes and increases the efficiency of your CPU and motherboard caches; all with just a click of your mouse!

Startup Manager
Memory Washer allows you to delete or disable entries that automatically start on Windows startup. With Memory Washer�s Startup Manager you can pull entries from your start menu startup programs folder as well as from the registry

Auto Memory Cleaner
With Memory Washer�s Automatic Memory Management you can schedule Memory Washer to automatically increase your available memory immediately at specified intervals or upon reaching a preset amount of memory

Boost Performance
Memory Washer speeds up your computer by increasing the amount of available memory, recovering memory leaks, and managing Widows startup items and Windows running processes

Processes Management
Memory Washer allows you to detect and disable malicious processes running and slowing down your computer�s speed. With Memory Washer's Processes Manager you can easily view which programs are using the most memory and manage those programs by terminating them or changing their current priority.

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1. Ekstrak
2. Run MemoryWasher.exe
3. Enjoy

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