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Corel Home Office Full Keygen
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Corel Home Office Full Version - Adalah software Office Suite yang memiliki kesamaan dengan Microsoft Office. Kalau awamnya Corel Home Office ini merupakan versi lite dari MS Office, tetapi walaupun ukurannya jauh lebih kecil, dari segi kemampuan Corel Home Office tidak kalah loh dengan MS Office. Selain itu semua dokumen yang di buat menggunakan Corel Home Office dapat kita buka menggunakan MS Office begitu pun sebaliknya, di tambah dengan tampilan antar muka yang simple serta toolbar tab yang di rancang untuk navigasi cepat, Corel Home Office tentu adalah satu-satunya software alternatif terbaik pengganti MS Office yang sangat recommended untuk di gunakan.

Corel Home Office is a sleek new office suite for word processing, spreadsheets and presentation projects. Designed for the work you do at home, it features a fresh and simple interface with tabbed toolbars for quick navigation. New Corel Home Office makes working at home simple. Similar to the office suites you've used before, it features familiar tabbed toolbars that put the right tools just where you need them. Quickly prepare, edit and present great-looking letters, reports, quotations, memos, mailings and newsletters. Share files and information easily with Microsoft Office compatibility and built-in PDF publishing. Using Corel Home Office you can; Write high-quality letters, r�sum�s, reports and term papers; Create spreadsheets, charts and graphs, and balance budgets; Make slideshows with photos and charts; Open, edit and save Microsoft Office files to easily share work with others; Create PDF documents from any application; Switch languages at the click of a button. Enjoy doing it all in a workspace that you customize yourself so you feel comfortable instantly.

Corel Home Office includes:
Corel� Write. Find everything you need to prepare, edit and present great-looking letters, reports, quotations, memos, mailings and newsletters.
  • Open and save Microsoft� Office Word files
  • Catch spelling errors as they occur and fix them with Autocorrect. Available in multiple languages
  • Automatically correct grammatical errors in English, French, Spanish and German
Corel� Calculate. This is the perfect tool for managing the numbers in your life, from business accounts and home finances to homework problems.
  • Open and save Microsoft� Office Excel� files and charts
  • Create macros and pivot tables (visual summary of data)
  • Convert your spreadsheets to PDF for easy sharing and collaboration
Corel� Show. Use a range of visual and text effects to make sure your message is delivered with maximum impact.
  • Create professional-looking slideshows with customizable transitions
  • Insert graphs or charts, and easily reorder pages
  • Save in Microsoft� Office PowerPoint� format for easy sharing

  • Full Office Suite. Access all the office tools you need to create impressive documents, spreadsheets and presentations�at an affordable price.
  • Microsoft� Office Compatibility. Open, edit, create and save Microsoft Office documents to easily share work with anyone.
  • Tabbed Toolbars and Clean Icons. Find commonly used features and functions quickly in this new, modern interface that features a ribbon layout that�?�s familiar to people experienced with Microsoft Office 2007 Ribbon toolbars.
  • Open XML Compatibility. Open, edit and save Open XML formats, the latest file format from Microsoft Office 2007.
  • PDF Creation. Save your files in PDF format with any of the applications within Corel Home Office. No need to buy more software!
  • Familiar Workspace. Pick your preferred workspace so you instantly feel comfortable and start working productively. Choose between Tabbed Toolbars, familiar to people experienced with Microsoft Office 2007 Ribbon Toolbars; or regular-sized toolbars, familiar if you�?�re a Microsoft Office 2003 or WordPerfect Office user.
  • Multilingual Workspace. Work in your language of choice, choosing from English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Chinese, Dutch and more. Multiple languages are available at the click of a button.
  • Customizable Color Scheme. Have fun changing the background color of your workspace, pages and toolbars to suit your mood.
  • Built-in Help. Get help with the click of a button so you can master Corel Home Office and get your work done quickly.

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Install note:
1. Unrar
2. start Corel Home Office then choose "Other Activation Options"
3. Choose "Phone Corel"
4. Open keygen That Included and copy "Serial number" and "Installation code" and generate Activation code
5. Enjoy!

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